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"A major reason we continue with Signature Worldwide training is the constant reinforcement program. It has become our measuring stick for employee performance."

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Increase hotel reservations conversion rates, raise ADR, and increase customer service with Transient Edge® - hotel sales training for your front-line employees.




Signature Worldwide's reservations, PBX and hotel front desk customer service and sales training will impact your hotel sales from day one. Our goal is to motivate your employees to deliver legendary customer service to your guests by teaching your hotel's front desk and reservations departments to ask the right questions, sell the value of your hotel and to ask for the reservation.  Increase customer satisfaction, conversion rates and raise ADR when you engage employees in Signature Worldwide's Transient Edge® training program.

From hello to goodbye, Signature Worldwide can help you sell more rooms and create happier customers with our PBX training, customer service phone training, and customer service sales training.

By training your hotel's agents to ask the right questions of your potential guests, they can better identify what is important to those shoppers. Once uncovered, your staff will be in a better position to sell the value of your hotel - focusing only on what is important to that caller. Finally, we will teach your staff to think like hotel sales people and ask for the business. The results will be increased reservations, higher rates and better customer service.

More than customer service training, we turn your agents into hotel sales people.

At the end of our first day of training, your front desk and reservations agents have the confidence to quote the rates your property deserves. Through our engaging training process, Guest Service Representatives realize that by asking for higher rates after selling the value of your hotel, AND asking for the reservation, they can convert more inquiry calls into reservations. Your agents will feel more like hotel sales people than order takers. What would that mean for your bottom line? Would your ADR increase if instead of offering discounts firsts, your agents explained the benefits of staying at your hotel?

Through a variety of techniques, including role-playing, employees will learn when, how and why to:

  • Establish customer rapport
  • Identify customer needs
  • Build value before quoting rates
  • Ask for a commitment.


Who Should Attend?

  • Front Desk Agents
  • Reservations Agents
  • Service Representatives
  • Front Office Managers
  • PBX Operators
  • General Managers


Hotel customer service and sales training that lasts.

The day after almost any training, your staff will want to use their newly acquired skills, but more often than not, they will fall back into their old habits. That's why Signature Worldwide's program continues long after our trainer leaves your hotel.

Immediately after training, our coaches begin making calls to your customer service agents allowing them to practice their new skills. Once a comfort level is established, Signature Worldwide begins making telephone mystery shopping calls. A few months later, our trainer returns to your hotel to reinforce skills learned and raise your staff to the next level in hotel sales and customer service delivery.

Transient Edge®
Hotel Size: Under 100 Rooms 100-300 Rooms Over 300 Rooms
Market Segment: Limited Service Full Service Resort/Convention
Assessment and Program Development:
  • Pre-training shop calls
  • Tailor Program
  • Assessment by Phone
  • Pre-training shop calls
  • Tailor Program
  • Assessment Meeting (Phone or on-site)
  • Pre-training shop calls
  • Tailor Program
Training Event
  • 1-day initial training
  • 5-18 participants
  • Multiple Property Options Available 
  • 1-2 days of initial training
  • Up to 18 participants per event 
  • 2-4 days of initial training
  • Up to 18 participants per event
Reinforcement: Coaching
  • 2-3 reinforcement visits per year
  • Unlimited phone-based coaching
  • 3-4 reinforcement visits per year
  • Unlimited phone-based coaching 
  • 4 reinforcement visits per year
  • Unlimited phone-based coaching 
   TE Reinforcement
Reinforcement: Measurement
  • 7 shop calls per month (recorded & scored)
  • 10 shop calls per month (recorded & scored)
  • 10-20 shop calls per month (recorded & scored)
  • Optional on-site shops 
Management Tools
  • Web-based reports
  • Web-based reports
  • Web-based reports


Ongoing telephone mystery shopping calls ensure your hotel's front desk, reservations and PBX agents use their skills long after our training.

We have more than 100 contact center agents who will make mystery shopping calls to your front desk and reservations departments, and we will record and score those calls. We make it easy for you to manage the process because we make the results available online. You can see and hear how your front desk and reservations employees are interacting with your potential guests. We have found this ongoing program to be the most effective at helping your hotel to continually increase bookings at a higher rate.

Our clients typically increase conversion rates by at least one reservation per day. How would this impact your sales?

To illustrate, consider the following formula based on just one agent, per shift, securing one additional reservation per day, per property.  Imagine what these numbers will look like once we get your conversion rate 10, 20 or even 30 percent higher than it is currently.

Average Length of Stay 1.5
x Average Daily Rate $100
= Average Revenue per Reservation   
x Additional Reservation per Day 2
= Additional Revenue per Day $300
x Active Selling Days per Year 280
Total Revenue $84,000


Ready for results from this dynamic hospitality training program? Contact us online now to find out how Transient Edge® can make the difference.

New Training Resources Now Available

We have recently added a resource portal to our website to provide additional training resources for our Transient Edge clients.  Below is a short video walk through of how our clients can use the portal. Some of the resources we provide are:

  • Training Moments - a one page training tip - perfect to use at department meetings
  • Coaching Videos & Podcasts - answering some questions in more detail about how to work with some challenging customer situations
  • Leadership Training Web Sessions Calendar - you'll always know when we are offering a leadership session online - free to our Transient Edge customers
  • Easy access to Online Learning and Reporting


Transient Edge Portal Tour from Signature Worldwide on Vimeo.